Sun & Age Spot Removal

Sun spots (also known as age spots, brown spots, liver spots, or solar lentigenes) and melasma are two tell-tale signs of aging. These are typically created by exposure to the sun and may be aggravated by hormones, medication or inflammation of a deep layer of the skin. Additionally, acne and other conditions can cause inflammation, which in turn causes the skin to over-produce the brown pigment called melanin. Melanin then forms brown spots or melasma.

Removal of age spots or melasma can dramatically improve our appearance, in many cases making our skin smoother and overall appearance more naturally youthful.

Depending on your skin coloration and treatment needs, we use one of three advanced systems, the Syneron Elos SRA, the Medlite C-6 1064 Nd YAG, or Fraxel SR1500 for optimal treatment of sun damage, melasma and age spots. This allows us to choose the system that is most specific to your problem and goals.

For isolated pigmentation problems, we use either the Syneron Elos SRA system or the Medlite c-6 1064 Nd YAG system. For a more complete skin reconditioning, we use Fraxel SR1500 to provide clearer, smoother unblemished skin, in addition to removal of brown spots and melasma.

At Rejuvena, we do not charge for consultations. To schedule your free consultation, please email or call us at (405)842-1100.

Questions and Answers
Q: How many treatments does it take to get rid of brown spots or sun damage?
Q: Is the treatment uncomfortable?
Q: What are the side effects of treatment?
Q: Do you treat each spot individually, or the entire face/area at a time?
Q: I want to have the treatment for melasma. What do I need to do first?
Q: Will the spots come back after treatment?
Q: Can I go back to work after treatment?
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