Liquid Face Lift

The face undergoes many changes with time. These changes begin at a relatively early age and continue throughout our lives. The skin itself loses elasticity with time and exposure to the elements, the underlying tissue slides down and thins out, even the facial structures shift position. Do you ever look at a photo of your parents or grandparents when they were younger, and think it doesn’t look like the same person? These many changes are the reason why.

For decades, plastic surgery has been the answer, and still is the gold standard to remedy certain types of sagging. However, this only addresses one of the problems of the aging face, namely, the “slide”, or sagging tissue. Gravity was thought to be the only factor to blame, and that was easily remedied by cutting and repositioning. But the problem was that most people don’t necessarily look younger with this measure alone, and may even be left with a pulled look, correcting one problem but creating another. Alternatively, or additionally, the liquid face lift is becoming a more popular solution.

Internationally, hundreds of thousands of liquid face lifts have been performed using a variety of advanced dermal fillers and bio-stimulants to lift and tighten the skin and fill areas of volume loss. The skilled injector may recommend Sculptra along the sides of the face, from the temples to the outer border of the chin. Sculptra® stimulates a collagen layer that thickens and tightens the skin, effecting a sublte lift, while filling out hollowed areas simultaneously. The mid-face, including the under-eye area, cheeks, folds from the nose to the mouth, and the mouth to the chin are addressed with bulking agents such as Radiesse® or Voluma®, or BellaFill®. The look may then be completed with adding subtle volume to thinning lips, and filling fine lines with Restylane or JUVEDERM®.

In some cases, BOTOX® Cosmetic may be used to decrease lines of the forehead, eye area, and even the mouth and chin. BOTOX® Cosmetic is also ideal for lifting the brows. The liquid facelift may be augmented with lasers (Fraxel II) to refine the texture of the skin, with or without radiofrequency devices (ReFirme or Thermage) to allow more complete skin tightening. Laser lipolysis, namely Smartlipo, can help eliminate jowls and second chins.

In the U.S., non-surgical full facial rejuvenation is relatively new because the more advanced fillers have only recently been approved by the FDA for cosmetic facial procedures. Yet we have seen some results that are nothing short of astonishing. Even when a facelift is necessary, liquid facelifts are now used to augment plastic surgery to achieve optimal results.

And if you think that a liquid face lift is reserved only for the wealthy…think again. Longer-lasting products continue to be introduced to the market and approved by the FDA. Studies have supported clinical experience that continued use of dermal fillers stimulates elastin and collagen production, improving the skin, and making the need for treatment less frequent.

That said, we recommend that you shop for extensive experience, rather than the best price. As you discuss the non-surgical liquid face lift alternative with your physician, be sure to find out how much experience the physician has with dermal filler and wrinkle relaxing procedures.

Dr Hardt is a member of the Liquid Face Lift Association, signifying extensive experience with the products used in a Liquid Face Lift procedure. To see how Rejuvena can help you reveal your natural beauty, email or call us at (405) 842-1100 for a free, confidential consultation.

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