Spider Veins

Spider veins are annoying small, thin blood vessels that lie close to the surface of the skin, causing red, blue or purple discolorations. Spider veins on the face are often very distracting from an otherwise lovely complexion. Spider veins are common on thighs, ankles, and calves as well as the face. It is estimated that far more than half of the adult female population is plagued with this common condition. The cause of spider veins on the legs is not completely known; however, heredity, pregnancy, weight gain, hormonal changes and other factors are known to contribute to the development of spider veins. Spider veins on the face are influenced by sun exposure, over-manipulation of the skin, and genetics, to name just a few. Surprisingly, alcohol use is not a major contributor to the formation of veins.

Spider veins usually take on one of three basic patterns. They may appear in a true spider shape with a group of veins radiating outward from a central point; they may resemble tiny branch-like shapes; or they may be simple thin linear lines, appearing underneath the skin.

The good news is you can virtually eliminate the appearance of spider veins with advanced laser treatment. At Rejuvena, we treat spider veins with the Cutera Excel 1064 ND:Yag laser. The Excel laser is not only fast and effective, but has a cooling tip to help with comfort during treatment, as well. Dr. Hardt will sometimes use injectable sclerosing agents to close larger veins.

We have many patients who tell us they can now wear less (or no) makeup and are no longer self conscious about wearing shorts or swim suits. If this condition bothers you, we invite you in for a free consultation.

At Rejuvena, we do not charge for consultations. To schedule your free consultation, please email or call us at (405)842-1100.

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