Viora Reaction Skin Treatment
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If you are looking for a minimally-invasive solution for cellulite, creping or sagging skin, then the FDA-approved Viora Reaction treatment may be what you have been seeking. Reaction can safely reduce small pockets of fat (like fat below the chin). Reaction’s patented core advantage resides in its unique edge of four RF frequency options combined with vacuum therapy.


Viora Reaction works so well at treating cellulite because of Reaction’s multi-faceted treatment modalities, which let us fine tune the treatment to your specific needs and objectives. Reaction allows the medical practitioner to attack the complicated problem of cellulite from all different angles. The cottage cheese and dimpling associated with cellulite is not just created by fat, but is a result of fibrous bands which pull down the fat & create that puckering effect. Loss of collagen also contributes to cellulite because it contributes to depletion of texture and tightening. Cellulite can be further exacerbated by a lymphatic drainage problem. Viora Reaction attacks all of these contributing factors of cellulite, and can do this with virtually no down time or side effects.

Viora Reaction’s core technology furnishes four different RF wavelength options to allow the medical practitioner to fine tune treatment depths depending upon the desired result. For instance, in a typical treatment for cellulite dimpling, a 1.7 MHz wavelength is chosen to help break fibrous bands; 2.4 MHz is selected to tighten surface skin after the bands are treated; and for some cellulite treatments, 0.8 MHz is utilized to help melt deeper layers of fat.

Additionally, Reaction incorporates vacuum suction and massage to help the lymphatic system drain treated fat. As with variable RF wavelengths, the medical practitioner can choose from more than one suction/massage level to target the specific treatment modality necessary to help achieve the desired result.

To optimally treat cellulite, typically you will need 4 – 8 weekly treatment sessions, followed by a maintenance session in a few months.

Viora’s unmatched degree of treatment parameters helps deliver a beautiful, smoothing, lifting result. Many women feel more confident about going to the pool, wearing clothing they would not otherwise, and generally feel more comfortable in interpersonal relationships.

Creping & Sagging Skin

Either from aging or after significant weight loss, individuals can suffer from sagging or creping skin. In addition to cellulite treatment, Viora Reaction treatment can be fine-tuned to target sagging skin and creping skin. Utilizing specific variable RF wavelengths and vacuum suction, appearance of sagging and creping skin can be greatly minimized.

To optimally treat sagging and creping skin, typically you will need 4 – 8 treatment sessions every other week, followed by a maintenance session in a few months.

Losing weight, in and of itself, can help tremendously with an individual’s confidence and assertiveness; nevertheless with creping or sagging skin, the option of wearing revealing clothing might still be a problem. This can inhibit certain activities and continue to affect self confidence. Reaction can help further your faith to do and wear what you want.

Fat Reduction

In addition to treating a creping neck, the medical practitioner can use Viora Reaction's deep wavelengths to treat individualized pockets of fat. Reaction can be particularly adept at areas such as underneath the chin or under the upper arms, where it can provide a great minimally-invasive treatment option.

Reaction treats the fat by emitting RF wavelengths deep below the surface of the skin to emulsify fat deposits. While the wavelengths are emitted, vacuum suction is applied to the skin to help the body's lymphatic drainage system dissipate the emulsified fat. Then a 2.4 MHz RF wavelength treatment is applied to help tighten skin in the treated area.

For fat reduction, typically you will need 6 – 10 weekly treatments, followed by a maintenance treatment a few months later.

At Rejuvena, we have more treatment options to fit the treatment to you. To see how Rejuvena can help you reveal your natural beauty, email or call us at (405) 842-1100 for a free, confidential consultation.

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