Wrinkle Correction Overview

Many factors contribute to the formation of wrinkles. Whether you desire a line-free face, a reduction of the deeper wrinkles and folds, or are happy with the status quo, it is helpful to understand how wrinkles form and the many options that are available to prevent and treat them.

What is happening to the skin as we age? At one time, we accepted wrinkles as a “right of passage” of sorts. With age, comes wisdom, lines and wrinkles. We have in recent years, however, began to learn what is really going on, and moreover, that it can be dramatically altered.

The abundance of collagen, elastin, and fat the skin has in youth accounts for the flawless smooth look that begins to fade in adulthood. Environmental factors--some controllable, others not (sun exposure, poor diet, smoking, and exaggerated muscle movement), accelerate the process that genetics have set in motion. We now see that wrinkles are a matter of the skin losing these youthful elements, and this can be remedied with new advanced products and treatments.

For example, many of the dermal fillers we use to treat wrinkles are bio-stimulants of the body’s own collagen. Dermal fillers have a cumulative effect and will maintain the desired look longer as you become a regular user. Recent technological advances in fractional non-ablative lasers (Fraxel) help our skin remodel its elastin and reproduce collagen to correct many of our wrinkle conditions. Even BOTOX® eliminates fine lines with a few treatments, but also erases deeper lines over time by reducing the strength of muscle contraction that created the wrinkle in the first place. The muscle is thereby trained to avoid exaggerated muscle movement and the resultant damage. Once the deep line is gone, it doesn’t automatically return once the treatments end. It has to be slowly reformed.

At Rejuvena, we have extensive experience in wrinkle correction procedures. For more detailed information on treatment options to correct wrinkles, please see the areas of this web site that address your particular concerns, as well as more detailed information on the specific products, procedures and laser systems deployed by us to correct wrinkles. After you have taken time to view information of concern to you, please call us for a free confidential consultation at (405) 842-1100. Whatever your particular concern, we can help you restore your natural beauty, without surgery.

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